Say Yes to the Dress

March 5, 2018 9:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Say Yes to the Dress 


Buying your bridal gown is a magical time — but it can also be stressful! Luckily we are at hand with tips and tricks to help you find “the one”!

They say you just know when you have found the one. That initial first glance, the racing heart, tummy butterflies, you can’t think of anything else. Yes, your wedding dress is probably one of, if not, the most important element of your big day and my god no one lets you forget it. Why, What did you think we were talking about?!!

Queue your mind furiously back tracking to every rom com you have ever seen with a woman finding the allusive perfect dress. Where doves seem to appear at random, angelic light surrounds the bride to be and endless happy tears flow from every single person in the store when the very dramatic and elaborate mirror reveals the god like gown in all its glory. You see what I am getting at here, right?

My god the pressure! Yes, like every bride you want to find the dress of dreams but getting yourself all in a tizzy is not going to get you anywhere now is it? Here is a guide on how to best make a plan to find the coveted dress without losing your mind in the process!

Know what you want before visiting a bridal shop

Before you go to the stores, find reference in magazines and platforms like Pinterest to find images of the type of dress you have in mind. Research your local boutiques and shortlist the ones that you think will suit your style. Download pictures or carry the magazine images with the designer names and style numbers of the dress to the store. If you narrow your choices down in advance of time, it will be so much easier when making a judgment.

Decide your budget

Decide clearly about what your budget to yourself, your associates, and the nuptial shop. You should also provide spare cash for factor in alterations of the amazing wedding dresses. Your final bill might be added an extra 250 to 900 for Alterations. Yikes!

Don’t take too many people shopping

Too many view points spoils the wedding dress. One or two people you trust is enough for a second opinion. If you bring a crowd you risk getting lots of conflicting opinions which might make you second guess yourself! Auntie Vera’s vision of how you should look would make Diana’s dress seem understated.


Plan no less than 6 to 8 months out for a custom design

You may have to pay more for getting a custom made dress in a short amount of time though it is not impossible. Some stores will do it with an abrupt urgency fee charge if you really want to get married in a custom gown in the next few months. If that’s the case, your budget comes into factor.

Think outside the box

You don’t have to go to a bridal boutique to buy a dress. People have been steadily steering away from the stuffy same same traditions of decades past and exploring unique and innovative ways to find the dress they want. A charity shop might be the last place you would go bridal dress hunting but there are lots of these stores that have specialised bridal outlets with some stunning designs donated by brands, designers and the public alike.

You will play a fraction of the price and help a great cause all at once and in a time when you are shelling out crazy amount of money for your wedding, this can feel like such a lovely option. Vintage boutiques are also amazing places to source one of a kind pieces and that have lifetimes of stories to tell and what could be more special than adding yours to it?



Initiate the process early

To give yourself enough time for changes, start looking about eight months before your big day as most specialists would recommend you. In the months prior to the wedding you run the risk of second-guessing your option if you buy your dresses too early. Hence, consider the time of the visit to bridal shops!

Make appointments for bridal salons during the week and provide spare time for fittings

You do not want to struggle in the masses on the weekends at the shopping centre and fighting the crowds of your bridal-infatuated counterparts at wedding boutiques is not a good look! There is much more individual devotion on weekdays than on weekends when the demand for appointments is on. You can then make appointment times for fittings after you’ve found your amazing wedding dress.

Make a Purchase near Christmas If possible

A massive haste of engagements is expected in the end of the year and around then stores will try to accommodate by stocking up. You will often get a deal on some of the older stock of dresses that the stores are trying to transfer over and you’ll precede the newly engaged haste if you shop before the New Year.


Do it your way

Some women have been fantasizing about wedding gown shopping since they were wrapping their Barbie’s heads in make shift tissue veils whilst others will dread the thoughts of this torturous pursuit. Some gals don’t even like wearing dresses and others will have already designed theirs, picked the colour and have the pattern in hand as they enter the bridal store.

The moral of the story is that everyone is different and if you decide you want to wear a pink cerise jump suit from some Harajuku inspired online shop in Asia well you just go ahead and do that. Whilst tradition plays a huge part in most weddings, there are no rules and your wedding and dress should be as unique as you are.



Enjoy the process and try to not freak out

There is such pressure to find the “dream dress”. Movies, TV shows and reality programmes alike perpetuate this idea of finding the perfect gown and failing to do so will leave you with a lifetime of doom and regret. In reality, finding a dress you love is every bride’s goal but come the day, walking down the aisle surrounding by family and friends is what your most precious memories will be every time. You are looking for a dress you like. That’s it. And if you can have some fun along the way with the people that mean the most to you, well that really is perfect.